Balance Fitness Studio

Blanca Azucena Freelander

Birthday/Sign: Aquarius
Hometown: Springfield, MO
Place of Birth: Bogota Colombia

Favorite Inspirational Quote: Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. P. Vaull Starr

Favorite Song/Music: I love all kinds of music.  Music and Rhythm is a large part of my being.

Formats Taught: Teaching Style  Pilates, TRX, Barre Fusion, BBB, Tabata

What Inspires you: My three beautiful children.

Cannot Live without: Inspiration, genius and beauty that friends share and expresses intentionally and unintentionally.

Favorite Book: Zahir by Paulo Coelho may favorite books but this one I got to read it while I was making wonderful memories with my husband in a Villa in Italy.

Favorite Word: "Amor"
Darby Brownfield

Darby Lynn Brownfield

Hometown: Good ole' Springfield, Mo.

Favorite Song/MusicI love all music! My favorites though are Blue October and Ray Lamontagne.

Formats Taught -TRX, BBB, Balance Barre, Tabata, Pound Fit

Skincare Specialist for Balance Fitness: Emminence Organic Skin Care

What inspires you: People 

Favorite book: Honestly, The Bible. There is always something new to learn.

Cannot live without: My husband’s jokes and my 6-year-old’s laugh

Favorite word: Gallivant

Something interesting about me: I have been and iron worker on and off for 5 years with my dad and husband.

Balance Fitness Studio

Angie Hart-Dodson

Birthday/Sign: April 13, Aries
Hometown: Rogersville, MO

Favorite Inspirational Quote

Favorite Song/Music: "Protection"  Massive Attack

Formats Taught -Teaching Style: TRX (Also teaches at Sumit's Hot Yoga)

What Inspires you:

Cannot Live Without: God, family, friends, and good health

Favorite Book: Hummmm, I'm a magazine junkie!  How about a movie "Eat, Pray, Love".  I will go read the book now! lol

Favorite Word: Passion

Balance Fitness Studio

Stephanie Hohenshell

Hometown: Jefferson City

Favorite Song/Music:  I love Michael Jackson and pretty much anything with a good beat. Currently obsessed with 300 Violin Orchestra.

Formats Taught: Currently teaching TRX, Balance Barre Method, Private Fitness Classes, Tabata, BBB

What Inspires You: Being part of someone’s development physically or spiritually.

Cannot Live Without:  My husband, close friends, and family.

Favorite Book: I don’t have much time for leisure reading so I tend to stick with magazines.

Favorite Word:  Truth

Jessica Murray

Hometown: Springvegas baby

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "The cure for anything is salt water; Sweat, Tears, or the Sea."

Favorite Song/Music: I love music...all kinds- I love music that carries a good beat, speaks to me, and whatever mood I'm in.

Formats Taught: Barre, Tabata, BBB

What Inspires You: People bettering themselves daily- There is no such thing as perfect, only progress.

Favorite Book: I'm not a book reader. More of a magazine junkie- and that being mainly trashy gossip magazines :)

Cannot Live Without: Well besides the obvious- husband, kids, family and friends- I'm a big fan of modern technology- electricity, transporation, etc. :)

Favorite Word: Perspective

Liz Dodd

Hometown: Springfield

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."

Favorite Song/Music: I'm so eclectic! I wouldn't know where to begin!

Formats Taught: Tabata/BBB

What Inspires You: You will have to ask me face to face!

Favorite Book: Which one?

Cannot Live Without: My babies, husband & family

Favorite Word: Focus!

Jennifer Rehagen

Hometown: Marionville, MO (Teeny Tiny town west of Sprinfield)

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Life is very short, don't put off to tomorrow what you can do today."

Favorite Song/Music: I like all types of music with a good beat...from Pop to Techno to Country...But if I had to choose one it would be 80s music.

Formats Taught: Tabata/BBB

What Inspires You: To be happy and healthy each day as we are all striving for improvement in one way or another.

Favorite Book: I am not much of a reader, but my guilty pleasure is reading the tabloids! They can't write anything that isn't true, right?? hahaha

Cannot Live Without: My family, my husband Kurt and my Basset Hound Freddy (yes, this is our kid)

Favorite Word: Excitement

Sarah Hayden

Hometown: Springfield, MO

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Remember who you are." -Lysa Terkeurst

Favorite Song/Music: The Black Keys, Jars of Clay, Frank Sinatra, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Formats Taught: TRX

What Inspires You: Obstacles 

Favorite Book: The Bible...other books are for plane rides and road trips

Cannot Live Without: Laughing with my husband, playing with my kids, and peppermint tea

Favorite Word: Serendipity

Adrienne Parnell

Hometown: Stillwater, Oklahoma

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "live the life you love, love the life you live."

Favorite Song/Music: I love all forms of music, it illustrates the chapters of one's life perfectly.

Formats Taught: Barre

What Inspires You: Nature, music, and people with passion. Go big or go home.

Favorite Book: Katie John

Cannot Live Without: Laughter

Favorite Word: SMOOSHKA

Lori Guy

Hometown: Marshalltown, Iowa

Favorite Inspirational Quote: "Treat others the way you would like to be treated."

Favorite Song/Music: Brown Eyed Girl, Amazing Grace

Formats Taught: Tabata/BBB, TRX, Yoga

What Inspires You: Small steps toward goals

Favorite Book: Celebration of Discipline

Cannot Live Without: My best friend, Tom Guy

Favorite Word: Love