Keeps you coming back for more!

"When I first walked into the Balance Studio, I knew in that moment I had found what I was looking for. The Studio itself draws you in with an atmosphere designed in warm, inviting colors, a gorgeous setting and a sense of positive energy right off. Friendly voices & Faces were what I saw coming and going. The Instructors are not only professional, but full of motivation & contagious enthusiasm. The music is upbeat & fun, and the classes keep you coming back for more! My idea of getting in shape DEFINITLEY fits the experience I've found here and I am impressed from start to finish. People who are smiling & enjoying themselves, classes that will whip you into shape and a relaxing cool down experience that indulges the senses as if you were in a spa! Yea, I will absolutely tell others, and already have about Balance Studio!"

Shannon H


They make working out fun!

"I love Balance! All the instructors are so energetic and they make working out fun! I love that there is a variety of classes to choose from so that I can switch it up! Balance Studio has really motivated me to get back into shape! I've only been going for a month and I'm already seeing and difference and I feel great about myself!"

More confident & beautiful thanks to Balance

"I love Balance! You guys really are so kind, talented and inspiring! Taking a class is my favorite part of the day. I've seen a huge difference in my physique. Feeling more confident and beautiful thanks to Balance! Love you guys :)"

Britta B


High energy and positive encouragement

"I love Balance!! I have only taken classes from Blanca, Darby, and Jessica, but they are all fantastic!!! I love the high energy, positive encouragement, and instructors taking the time to correct form if needed. Each instructor brings their own element that makes class so exciting! I love the time that is taken to stretch and relax. The cool washcloths are icing on the cake! At Balance I do not feel like a "gym member", I feel like my health and well being is important to everyone that works there! Thank you Balance!!!"


Always challenging, but not intimidating

"Balance Fitness has a great group of instructors that want to see you reach your fitness goals. It's a warm and friendly environment and Blanca and her staff really take a personal interest in everybody. The classes are always challenging, but not intimidating. There is a good variety of different classes and the schedules are real flexible for those who work or go to school. I have been taking Barre classes for almost 2 years, and I love it! The classes are always different and they are always adding new things to keep you challenged."

Kacey D


Looking and feeling younger

"The instructors at Balance Fitness challenge me to believe in my own ability to take each exercise regimen one step further. I am in my 60s and as a result of the classes at Balance Fitness my body is looking and feeling younger."

Judith P